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Catering under-counter dishwashers

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We offer under-counter dishwashers, ideal for small and medium-sized catering establishments. Small external dimensions and the ability to place the devices under the worktop make them applicable even in small premises. The small area of the kitchen facilities requires matching equipment that is functional, while providing ergonomics for daily work. Under-counter dishwashers have these advantages, so take a look at the offer of our store and choose modern and helpful devices for your business. We offer models from brands such as FAGOR, Lozamet and Winterhalter. All equipment is new and covered by a long warranty period. We offer dishwashers with different technical parameters, so each customer can match them to his needs.

Undercounter dishwashers ? indispensable in any professional kitchen

Manual dishwashing is not only a time- and energy-consuming activity for employees, but also increases water and detergent consumption significantly. Automatic dishwashers will simplify the whole process and reduce costs. As a result, an investment such as an under-counter dishwasher will pay for itself in a very short period of time, while optimizing customer service time. This is because staff can take care of the important activities of preparing and serving meals.

Under-counter dishwashers also provide hygienically clean dishes that won't raise questions when inspected by health inspections. You can choose different washing cycles depending on the most frequently used dishes, cutlery or glassware, as well as taking into account their degree of dirtiness. We offer under-counter dishwashers with 230 V or 400 V power supply. This second version will provide you with faster heating of the device and more efficient operation. In many cases, however, it is not possible to adjust the existing power supply, so then 230-volt dishwashers are perfect. Units are available with electronically controlled programmers and digital displays for intuitive operation.

Convenient to use under-counter dishwashers

Washing devices placed under the countertop are perfect for small kitchens where every square meter of working space counts. The dishwashers have doors that open wide enough, and, made of durable stainless steel, they can withstand the humidity of rooms where there is a lot of cooking. The easy-to-clean units are also equipped with self-cleaning programs that minimize care of the units.

Powerful washing pumps ensure years of full-load operation, and various washing cycles are available in both tens of seconds and minutes. So you'll streamline customer service without involving additional people. After all, an efficient device will replace the work of human hands, and at the same time will do it in a perfect way, not allowing oversights or damage to the dishes during washing.

Features available in under-counter dishwashers

When choosing under-counter dishwashers, you have the opportunity to purchase an appliance with additional features that will improve the work in the kitchen. In our offer you will find devices with a built-in drain pump or with a dispenser for washing or rinse aid. We also have dishwashers with cold rinse function, environmentally friendly eco option or extra high temperature scalding function.

In the SmartGAST online store you will also buy dishwashers with water softeners. This will facilitate the use of running water, which has a high content of scale. With a softener, you will not only protect the device from dangerous deposits that cause component failures, but also increase the efficiency of cleaning agents. Undercounter dishwashers are available with chambers of different capacities. Many models also have a built-in multi-stage filtration system and drain pumps for residue separation. So choose the device that best suits the needs in your kitchen.

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