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Dishwasher water filters

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Whether you are just opening a food service business or have already been in the industry for many years, you are surely well aware of the importance of regularly removing calcium and magnesium compounds from water. The dishwasher filter allows you to soften the water, that is, eliminate its hardness, and allows you to protect the equipment available on the premises from the adverse effects of sedimentation. Keep in mind that scale deposits can not only affect the efficiency of equipment operation, but also damage them. In our SmartGAST online store you will find the best dishwasher filters from reputable brands such as BRITA, Hendi, Red Fox, Bartscher and Stalgast. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the entire range of our store. We are also available to you during office hours. Contact us and benefit from our knowledge and experience. We will be happy to help you with the selection of water filters and more.

Why water filtration is so important?

Decarbonization is the process that takes place in the filters we offer. It involves removing carbonate hardness from the water, that is, eliminating calcium and magnesium salts from the water, which are harmful and dangerous not only to catering equipment, but also to health. The water filters offered as part of our online store are available in different capacities and at different prices. So you can tailor your choice to the needs of your premises and your intended budget. In addition to various types of filters, such as for coffee machines and cube machines, we also offer electronic water flow meters. When you decide to purchase our products, you are investing in the equipment you already have. Water filtration will keep your appliances running for a long time. Feel free to browse our other range of modern dishwasher accessories. We also recommend your attention to kitchen utensils, catering equipment and stainless steel furniture.

Water filters and other assortment for dishwashers

The dishwashing room is one of the rooms that cannot be missing in any catering establishment whether it is a large restaurant, a roadside bar or a family-owned patisserie. The basic equipment is, of course, a dishwasher. In our online store you will find high quality equipment and numerous accessories to ensure functionality and extend the life of the equipment. We leave at your disposal a variety of dishwasher baskets, dishwasher bases and automatic, manual and semi-automatic softeners. Quality dishwasher accessories include products from brands such as Red Fox, ALVA, Amii, Amerbox, Hendi, Resto Quality, Bartscher, Stalgast, Tom-Gast and BRITA. Well-known and respected companies in the industry are a guarantee that the product will meet even the most exorbitant requirements, will be distinguished by its effectiveness and excellent functional and aesthetic qualities. Check out how to take advantage of free delivery! Both the flat filter and the central filter are at a high level of efficiency, if you need to replace the filter, check our offer.

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