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EKA combi steamers

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Convection-steam ovens are a modern solution that not only speeds up the process of preparing food in restaurants, but also is to carry it out without losing the taste, smell and color of the food. In the SmartGAST catering store you can find a number of ovens of this type, among them combi ovens from the industry's respected manufacturer Eka. Check out how they can support the work in your kitchen.

What distinguishes combi steamers?

Combi ovens allow baking, steaming, blanching, frying, grilling and even smoking. These multifunctional devices allow you to improve the aroma, taste and color of your dishes compared to traditional ovens. In addition, they also save water and energy by circulating air. Combi ovens allow you to prepare several dishes at the same time, all thanks to the division of the device into chambers. This greatly speeds up and facilitates work in the kitchen, where cooks work in multiple directions at the same time, creating many dishes at once. This makes these ovens ideal for modern kitchens.

Eka combi ovens available in our offer

In our store you can find a wide selection of combi ovens from a respected manufacturer such as Eka. Among them, electric or gas stoves of different sizes and functionalities. However, all of them feature an elegant design and convenient and precise setting thanks to the touch-sensitive control panel. Opt for these ovens if you want to improve airflow circulation and high humidity levels.

In addition, Eka combi ovens also include a point probe that allows you to control and maintain the temperature of the food, effective cleaning programs or quick lowering of the temperature required to prepare another dish. In addition, Eka ovens have the ability to save multiple programs, which reduces the preparation time of dishes and provides it with automation. In addition to this, Eka's thermal processing equipment is also precise temperature control, time settings, steam for easy cooking or LED lighting. The wide selection of these solutions means that everyone can find the one that best fits the individual needs of the kitchen and allows faster service to guests who will delight in the taste of the food.

The largest selection of kitchen appliances in the store SmartGAST

On our website you can find not only combi ovens from respected manufacturers, but also a wide selection of other catering solutions that will make serving food easier and faster. We offer catering equipment that will work well in both small quick service establishments and large restaurants serving banquets.

Deciding to shop at SmartGAST you gain access to the highest quality products, which are characterized by functionality and durability. Thus, once purchased, the device will serve you for many years without worrying about its damage or wear and tear. Bet on proven solutions and use the offer of our online store.

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