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Dishwasher accessories

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Clean utensils are a must in any catering establishment. It is difficult to imagine a thriving restaurant where meals are served on soiled plates. For this reason, the dishwasher has become a standard piece of equipment not only in a large catering establishment, but also in small family bars or cafes. Buying a great quality dishwasher is not enough. It is also necessary to take care of the proper functioning of the equipment during its operation. With help comes dishwasher accessories. SmartGAST is a unique online store, thanks to which you can fully equip not only a catering establishment of any profile, but also a home kitchen. The accessories presented in this category, such as baskets, extensions, tablets and filter cartridges, will also work well in home equipment. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the entire assortment of the store.

Dishwasher ? ideal equipment for home and catering premises

The biggest advantage of using a dishwasher is saving water and time. Anyone who has had the opportunity to use this type of equipment at least once knows this. It is a very hygienic device. The water is heated to temperatures as high as 70°C, which makes it remove not only dirt, but also all kinds of microorganisms and bacteria. This ensures that the dishes taken out of the dishwasher are clean and ready to use. Dishwashers are appreciated in both home and service spaces. Streamline kitchen work, allow for greater efficiency and valuable usable kitchen space. In addition, not having to wash by hand is also a relief for hands and nails. In catering establishments such as a restaurant, bar, cafe, pizzeria, ice cream shop or pastry shop, a dishwasher allows you to clean a large amount of tableware and cutlery in a short period of time, so that customers are served continuously, with full professionalism.

Baskets, cartridges, bases, filters and many other dishwasher accessories

When deciding to buy a dishwasher, you are certainly anxious to get the most out of the equipment's potential. Therefore, it is worth adjusting the cartridges placed in the dishwasher and baskets to the nature of the premises. Many catering establishments will find it useful to have a basket for cups, a basket with an open side for trays, a basket for glassware or a container for cutlery. A good choice will also be a dishwasher base, which will prove indispensable when it is necessary to lift the equipment or take care of its stabilization. Chemicals for dishwashers are also extremely important. We are talking about tablet salt, water hardness testers, resin for softeners, automatic, manual and semi-automatic softeners, filter cartridges and filter systems. Systematic maintenance and service of dishwashers in a catering establishment is an assurance that the equipment will work flawlessly. In our online store, we additionally took care of the attractive price of accessories for catering and household dishwashers. So you can make real savings to your budget.

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