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Catering ladles

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One of the most popular and indispensable pieces of kitchen equipment is the ladle, which can be used in many different ways. Traditionally, it is a large spoon designed for putting soups, sauces and semi-liquid foods. In the offer of our SmartGAST store you will find an attractive selection of ladles, made of high-quality materials, such as stainless steel, fiberglass-reinforced plastic or polycarbonate, completely safe in contact with food. These practical large spoons have handy, long handles that you can lean against a pot while cooking or hang from a hook between cabinets on a railing. The ladles available in our range are distinguished by their excellent quality, resistance to high temperatures and ease of cleaning. On the other hand, the rich choice of colors makes it possible for you to match its design with the interior design of your kitchen. Bet on proven and durable products of various sizes from reputable brands!

One of the most popular kitchen tools is the soup ladle. Surely you can't imagine serving many dishes without it. Neither do we, which is why our online store offers a wide selection of catering ladles. They are useful not only for soups, but also for pouring sauces or semi-liquid dishes such as stews. Among other things, the presented ladles are made of stainless steel, which is easy to clean, corrosion and moisture resistant. You'll also find melamine, polycarbonate and fiberglass reinforced plastic models in the range. These materials create products that are completely safe for food contact. Offered kitchen ladles have long handles that you can lean against the pot, and a bent handle so you can hang them on a hook between cabinets. In our store you will choose the shape, size and even color of the kitchen ladle. Bet on high quality, durable products from proven brands.

What to look for when choosing a catering ladle?

Before you buy a ladle, you need to consider whether you will need it for pouring soup, serving sauces or straining pasta. By browsing through the offer of our store, you certainly noticed that there is a lot to choose from, so the choice is not at all that simple. The criterion to be considered in the selection is the design of the ladle. At first glance, they all seem similar, but in our offer you will find both classic models and modern contoured and economical variants that make kitchen work easier. The most important feature you should pay attention to is size. Match the ladle to the diameter of the plates and pots in your kitchen. If you want a smaller copy, choose one with a capacity of 0.12 l. If you find it more convenient to work with a larger ladle so you can pour soup in one go, the ideal solution is a large catering ladle with a capacity of 0.25 l.

The most important thing is the material of the soup ladle

In our offer you will find kitchen ladles from reputable manufacturers who have used a variety of materials in their creation. The first most well-known material is stainless steel. It is valued for its durability, stainless steel and ease of cleaning. This kind of catering ladles are versatile enough to fit into both industrial and classic kitchen styles. The silver color will not clash with the rest of the equipment. Ladles made of stainless steel are relatively lightweight, scratch-resistant, will not discolor or absorb odors. An additional advantage is that they do not react with acids and are resistant to high and low temperatures.

Another material is melamine, which is formed by thermosetting resin. Large catering ladle made of this plastic does not react with food and is resistant to acid, alkali and fat. Products are suitable for decoration by various methods, so they can come in different colors, covered with impregnated films or paints. Catering ladle made of melamine is resistant to breakage, cracking and disinfectants.

Kitchen ladle made of polycarbonate has many advantages. It is suitable for high and low temperatures. Models made of this material do not change either the smell or taste of food, and what's more - they are recyclable. They are resistant to discoloration and chipping, so you won't have to replace them with new ones right away.

A diverse range of ladles at SmartGAST

In our online store you will find ladles, which match not only the food you prepare, but also the interior design. Remember that it is your skills and requirements that are to be met by the ladle and it's up to you which one you choose. We encourage you to browse our entire offer utensils, to see how much we have to offer. The products presented are durable and made of high-quality materials with the utmost care, so they will last you a long time. See for yourself!

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