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Catering universal dishwashers

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Multi-purpose dishwashers are devices that are perfect for catering establishments of different business profiles. Their versatility is an advantage that will be exploited by owners of cafes, bars, fast food restaurants or guesthouses or agritourism establishments serving numerous meals to their guests. In the SmartGAST store we offer equipment from companies such as ASBER, FAGOR, Hendi, RM Gastro and Red Fox. These are manufacturers who for many years have been offering top-notch equipment designed for small, medium and large catering operations.

All dishwashers purchased from us are new and covered by the warranty period. You will also buy appliances designed to meet the different needs of your premises in many versions So you can easily match the cycles in terms of their duration and the temperature used, as well as the size and types of baskets. You will also buy dishwasher models that operate in eco modes and provide high water and electricity savings.

Functional and modern universal dishwashers

Automated process of washing dishes and kitchen utensils in universal dishwashers will allow quick service to customers and will relieve the staff of daily tedious duties. For an owner concerned about optimizing costs, it's also a way to reduce detergent and water consumption. An additional advantage is the perfect washing of dishes, guaranteeing their hygienic cleanliness. At the same time, the risk of damage to dishes, which can often occur when washing them by hand in the sink, especially in a hurry with heavy customer traffic, is reduced.

Dishwashers are available with modules that also guarantee the scalding of dishes at very high temperatures. We also have devices equipped with water softeners on offer. This is an ideal option for premises where running water has unfavorable parameters, which can cause the appearance of limescale on dishwasher components, and consequently also their faster wear and tear and higher failure rate. Softening hard water also benefits the performance of dishwashing detergents. We also offer dishwashers with a dump pump and a washing liquid dispenser.

Fast and efficient washing of dishes in universal dishwashers

Versatility means flexible adaptation to the needs of a specific property. That's why multi-purpose dishwashers will work well in many types of foodservice establishments. They wash quickly and effectively. Automatic programs can be set for tens of seconds, as well as for several minutes. The units, made of durable materials, are also properly insulated thermally and acoustically. Thus, they provide safe and comfortable work for the personnel located in the kitchen.

Simple to use and electronically controlled, they guarantee precise and hygienic washing of dishes and glassware in various shapes, cutlery or kitchen utensils. Baskets made of high quality plastic are capacious and convenient to fill. Many dishwasher models are also equipped with an automatic self-cleaning function.

Multi-purpose dishwashers with different technical parameters

In the wide assortment of SmartGAST store you will find both small dishwashers that fit in small kitchens and larger models that accommodate large dishes. We also offer under-counter dishwashers, which will allow an ergonomic layout of equipment even in small rooms in the back of a restaurant, cafe or bar.

You can also choose dishwashers with a rinse aid dispenser. We have models with 230-volt and 400-volt power supply, which will allow you to match the device to individual conditions and your property's electrical network. Take a look at our entire range of all-purpose dishwashers, as well as hood, tunnel and bar dishwashers and those designed for glass washing.

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