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Every catering establishment should have equipment and accessories from the category that is refrigeration, which provide storage options for food, semi-processed and prepared meals. We offer only machines from well-known companies, including ASBER, Dora Metal, Fagor and Liebherr. They support and develop refrigeration for catering for many years now. The advantage of all these manufacturers is their vast experience and recognition. We encourage you to explore the entire category, which is refrigeration, in our store, as well as to make purchases. We provide fast delivery and secure transaction.

What kind of refrigeration equipment you will find in our store?

Our store is one of the largest in the domestic catering market, so we offer a range of different types of devices from the section refrigeration for catering. We have divided all of them into categories that are convenient to navigate and offer them at favorable prices. Among the available proposals, it is worth mentioning, among other things, equipment that is indispensable in any catering business, such as bottle coolers and refrigerated tables (bar, pizza, salad and other), as well as large and capacious refrigerated cabinets, including variants designed to store fish and bakery products. We have also prepared bases, display cases and extensions and hundreds of different accessories necessary to expand them with further functions or to repair them by replacing worn-out components.

In category freezing equipment there are equipment and accessories for freezing food, which should also be found in every catering establishment. Noteworthy among them are ice cubers and ice shellers, as well as chest and blast freezers. Freezer display cases for attractive presentation of dishes will also prove indispensable, as will freezer tables and bakery models.

Refrigeration - catering, which gains high quality equipment

In our store we do not recognize any compromises, so we offer only proven solutions from the best manufacturers from around the world. Among other things, we pay attention to their value for money, because we know very well that the purchase of new catering equipment can sometimes be a financial burden for a particular company. All devices are precisely described on subpages with their photos and detailed information, always in accordance with the real state of affairs.

The proposals we offer are brand new - they were created using modern raw materials that guarantee their long-term durability and resistance to damage, as well as no risk of unforeseen failure. Moreover, thanks to the devices in the category refrigeration gastronomy receives a particularly economical solution. Thick layers of insulation between the high-density walls ensure that the temperature inside is consistently maintained despite the changing conditions outside. And don't forget that these types of machines are also visually appealing. Manufacturers have made most of them out of stainless steel finished mostly in inox color, which perfectly suits any catering establishment in need of equipment from the department refrigeration. Store SmartGAST offers technical expertise and support at every stage of the order - feel free to contact us!

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