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Ice crushers

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Ice crushers are devices that are designed to make cold drinks and cocktails quick and easy. So if you own a restaurant or bar that serves refreshing beverages, the crusher is the perfect option for you! At SmartGAST you will find a wide range of crushers made of excellent quality stainless steel, both electric and manual. Steel is a material that is particularly resistant to moisture and high and low temperatures. Optimally sized ice containers guarantee the ability to crush more ice, so these products are ideal for professional and home use. Ice crushers available in our online store are distinguished by their excellent workmanship, durability and reliability. Serve your friends their favorite cocktails and surprise everyone with specialized bartending equipment! Bet on sensational quality and practical use.

Whether you are composing a simple drink from a few ingredients or making a multi-ingredient cocktail, the best prepared drink will taste best when properly chilled. That's why every bartender must have a proper ice crusher. Advantage electric ice crusher above the finished cubes lies the precise and quick preparation of the base for alcoholic beverages. So if you are a bartender or owner of a catering outlet, be sure to take interest in SmartGAST's offer and the equipment we offer, such as gastronomic ice crusher. We offer equipment from reputable companies that specialize in such equipment as ice crusher. Price of our devices is not exorbitant, so among our proposals you will certainly find a device that will not burden your budget too much.

Electric ice crusher or manual ice crusher - which equipment to opt for?

At SmartGAST, we offer a variety of solutions that address the needs of different foodservice businesses. Advanced ice cube crusher will certainly come in handy for bartenders who prepare hundreds of drinks every evening. When working in a bar or nightclub with a lot of visitors, the speed of serving drinks is of paramount importance. Electric ice crusher it will also come in handy in cafes that serve drinks such as coffee or iced tea. Especially in the summer season, large quantities of such delicacies are sold, so quick access to crushed ice is an important issue to speed up serving orders.

On the other hand, in restaurants and bars, where drinks are just one of the many items offered on the menu, the following will work well manual ice crusher. Will provide constant access to the ice needed to cool cocktails and juices. Manual crushing should not be much of an obstacle, and such equipment will be cheaper to purchase. Ice crushers can also be successfully used for home use. Many people experiment with the preparation of various beverages, so a device such as a manual cube maker will enrich the possibilities of creating your own compositions.

A wide selection of ice cube makers on offer at SmartGAST

At SmartGAST, we offer a variety of bartending accessories, that help you run your business. We have both manual ice crushers, as well as electric ice crushers. For professional use, we recommend devices with larger capacities, which allow you to prepare more crushed ice at a time. The smaller ones will be suitable for preparing smaller portions and for home use. Regardless of the type of equipment, each has corresponding blades that precisely cut larger nuggets into small pieces. Ice cube crusher is an aid for any bartender who wants to serve the best drinks. Without crushed ice it is impossible to prepare the popular drink mojito, which is one of the more popular cocktails both in clubs and at weddings.

Manual ice crusher or electric will also find use in a domestic setting. Summer in our climatic conditions is becoming increasingly hot, so we are eager to reach for cool drinks. Iced coffee or tea with ice tastes so much better. If, in addition, instead of ice cubes, you use crushed additive, you will get an even better effect. The correspondingly large capacity of the cup will allow you to prepare more of your beverage base.

Ice crushers can be both basic, simple equipment and have useful additional functions. If they have a rubber suction cup, you will gain the guarantee that they will not move even on a wet surface. This will make working with the device more enjoyable, and the time for serving finished drinks will be significantly reduced. The crusher components made of plastic will allow you to easily keep them clean, and the stainless steel blade will not dull too quickly. Check out our range of ice crushers in the SmartGAST offer and choose the perfect model for you.

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