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Refrigerated cabinets

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Refrigerated cabinets are visually appealing devices intended for the catering industry in its broadest sense. Serve as a low-temperature storage area for foodstuffs that lose their nutritional value, taste, appearance or shelf life at slightly higher temperatures. In our store you will find a variety of single and double refrigeration cabinets designed and made by the best manufacturers from around the world, including Resto Quality, Dora Metal, Liebherr and many, many others. Be sure to browse through all the models and choose an option today, which is two-door refrigerated cabinet, stainless steel, galvanized or with a glass front. We encourage you to read the entire offer from the section refrigeration, where you will find not only refrigerated cabinets. Prices will depend on the product in question, but we guarantee that they will not strain your budget.

Refrigerated cabinet - main features

Refrigerated catering cabinet is a device that, thanks to the use of compressors with optimal efficiency, provides the right conditions for storing foodstuffs at low temperatures. Refrigerated backroom cabinet by most manufacturers is equipped with a system of infinitely adjustable internal temperature, which can be set independently within a wide range. Electronic systems for maintaining optimal conditions in the interior refrigeration cabinet consist, among other things, of an efficient cooling system and temperature sensors, so they constantly monitor current conditions and optimize the cooling process.

Double and single refrigerated cabinets are characterized by very low power consumption in relation to their cooling capacity. Thick insulation is primarily responsible for this, ensuring that the temperature is maintained for many hours without being constantly lowered. This allows the motor to cycle off, reducing electricity bills. Safe refrigerants, such as R290, are efficient and retain their properties for a long time. Refrigerated backroom cabinet is equipped in many models with a digital display, which definitely facilitates operation.

Comfortable and convenient refrigerated catering cabinets

Refrigerated catering cabinets are designed to store many foodstuffs at low temperature, so they are equipped, among other things, with roomy drawers and shelves. Refrigerated cabinet can have different capacities, number of available shelves and depth and height. We encourage you to purchase a variant that will meet all the needs of your restaurant or other retailer. The shelves are mostly wire, so they are easy to keep clean, and only slightly increase the weight of the whole unit. Interior refrigeration cabinet is made stainless steel, which is completely safe for food products and does not affect their taste or aroma. With no risk of rust outbreaks on their surface, even spilled juice will not leave much damage - just wipe it with a damp cloth soaked in a suitable liquid.

Glazed refrigerated cabinets - attractive design also counts

Stainless steel refrigeration cabinets also have a decorative function. In our store you will find glazed refrigeration cabinets, which improve the decor of a given establishment and make it easier for a customer or bartender to select a particular dessert or drink. Additional LED backlighting in the appropriate color temperature makes the labels perfectly visible in any lighting conditions. The cases are designed by top manufacturers from around the world, so they look like new for a long time. Or maybe you'll opt for the practical and comfortable solution of a two-door refrigerated cabinet? Order today refrigerated cabinets amid prices in our store and benefit from the prompt service and individual approach of our employees.

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