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Ensuring food safety is one of the primary tasks that lie with food service workers. With their help come articles food safety, which allow precise labeling, surveillance and control of food. These are various types of stickers and security features that will work well for catering establishments of different business profiles and sizes. Check how they will support the work of your kitchen

Food safety, the essential elements where high-end food is served

Food safety are indispensable products wherever the primary value is not only the functional dispensing of food, but above all the health and safety of customers. Among the proposals of the SmartGAST store you will find everything that makes it easier to mark containers or dishes according to their expiration dates. This will give you the assurance that your establishment will offer only fresh dishes, with exceptional aroma and taste.

Labeling food safety is a solution designed to meet the needs of various types of catering establishments or food processing plants. Self-adhesive labels in five colors make it exceptionally easy to segregate packages placed in a cold store or warehouse. According to HACCP requirements, blue indicates containers of fish and seafood, red for raw meat, green for vegetables and fruits, and yellow for poultry. Proper food labeling means not only maximum safety, but also easier work.

Food safety articles available in our offer - food safety

In this category you will find a wide selection of items for safe food storage. Among them are clips for HACCP GN containers made of polypropylene in red, blue, yellow, purple or green. In addition, we also offer stickers food safety with a best-before date in many sizes, dimensions or shapes. Some of these stickers also contain information about what date the products inside should be consumed before, and to consume first.

Our offer is also complemented by day-of-the-week stickers, which are ideal for sticking on various types of paper or plastic packaging, as well as plastic bags.. Each day of the week marked with a different color, making it even easier to distinguish between them. We also offer adhesive seals for containers or straw hole, sticker dispensers or colored labels for containers. All this will allow you to take care of food safety in your restaurant.

Equip your catering establishment with the SmartGAST offering

Are you looking for utensils that allow you to work functionally and efficiently? Thanks to the articles for catering available in the SmartGAST offer, you will equip your premises with everything that will support the work of your employees. Whether you run a small fast food bar or own a large restaurant, safety and efficient operation are the most important things you can take care of in order to offer top quality dishes that will delight your guests. We encourage you to take advantage of our offer.

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