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Steaming food preparation is steadily growing in popularity. This is a much healthier alternative to baking or frying, which additionally allows you to prepare aromatic and tasty dishes. Professional kitchen steamers work well wherever cooks care about the highest quality and best taste of the food they serve. In the SmartGAST store you can find a wide selection of these solutions, which gives you the opportunity to match the equipment to your own preferences, expectations and capabilities.

What vaporizers are used for?

The steamer is an innovative solution from Asian countries that has become firmly established in kitchens around the world, especially those offering Far Eastern dishes, but not only. With the help of a steamer, cooking is done under the influence of hot steam. This type of thermal processing is not only a healthier alternative, but also far better in terms of the taste of prepared foods that do not come into contact with water. As a result, the dish does not lose its flavor, and it is additionally released by contact with hot steam.

How to prepare food with steamers? To begin thermal processing, pour the appropriate amount of water inside the device. This one is then heated, all thanks to the very powerful heaters used in the design. This process causes the heated water to begin evaporating through the outlet hole. It then enters the bamboo baskets or special drawers placed over the opening. This device allows for extremely high energy savings, as it gives you the ability to stack food containers and prepare multiple portions at the same time. The food preparation process is virtually unattended, allowing the staff to attend to other duties while the steamer is in operation.

Vaporizers by NAYATI

The SmartGAST store offers a wide selection of steamers from the Indonesian company NAYATI. This manufacturer is known for its professional approach to the manufacture of kitchen equipment. It offers articles made with modern technology, technical visualization and high-end equipment. As a result, their proposed solutions are characterized by modernity, functionality and durability, which is appreciated by chefs on all continents.

We offer electric steamers with a blower for even more efficient operation of the device. Among them, you can find models of different sizes, so everyone can find the one that suits their individual needs and available space. Chinese Pro steamers are great for preparing Asian dishes such as Chinese dumplings, buns and much, much more. Delight your guests with classic dishes that you prepare quickly and professionally thanks to modern employees.

Top quality catering equipment

At SmartGAST, we know how important high quality catering equipment is for the efficient serving of meals, so we offer only proven and modern solutions. With us you will equip any kitchen, whether it is in a small establishment or a large restaurant. We cordially invite you to get acquainted with the details of our offer, which includes everything necessary for the work in catering.

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