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Catering scales

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Precise, accurate and functional catering scale is an essential piece of equipment for any kitchen regardless of its profile. It is indispensable for food preparation and portioning. In our online store SmartGAST we have prepared a wide assortment of catering scales, which are great not only in restaurants, bars, or mass catering points such as a canteen, but also in every home. Simple scales are the appliances most often chosen for the home kitchen, other models such as calculator scales, hanging, label printing, or industrial are more often used in all kinds of businesses. If you are looking to purchase a catering scale that is robust, detailed and pleasing to the eye, then you are in the best possible place. You can find it with us!

Catering scales - simple, calculating, hanging and label printing scales

The offer of our store SmartGAST will meet the most demanding requirements. The equipment and accessories are dedicated to both professional and home use. To meet the requirements of our customers, we have prepared a wide range of catering scales. Among the most popular types certainly include:

  • simple scales - not requiring connection to the network, and thus mobile scales for everyday use. Their great advantage is their small size, so there is no trouble in storing them. Ideal product for the home and for the catering establishment.
  • calculating scales - these are multifunctional devices designed for demanding customers. They can be connected to a fiscal cash register, making them great for any catering establishment, store, or wholesaler. With them, you will very quickly create any sales position. Two-bar scales mean greater accuracy in weighing low-weight goods.
  • pendant scales - store hanging scales are all about functionality and ergonomics. The scale does not take up space on the worktop, thus saving space and improving daily work. These types of models have a hook mounted underneath the scale that allows you to weigh items of any size. A great advantage of hanging scales are the displays used, which guarantee easy reading of data regardless of lighting conditions.
  • label printing scales - these types of scales are probably associated with anyone who occasionally shops at a nearby market. Precision and speed in estimating the price, as well as the ability to print a price label, make them the most popular choice in retail scales. They will work well in a neighborhood vegetable store, butcher store, or pastry store. They are easy to use, reliable and aesthetically made. Store scales that print labels available in our store allow you to record up to several thousand products.

SmartGAST - items for the home and catering premises

Whether you are culinary at home or run a thriving business such as a café, pizzeria, oriental cuisine restaurant or burger store, in our store you will find equipment and accessories that will improve your daily work and take your skills to the next level. We leave at your disposal numerous accessories, kitchen appliances, tableware items, vacuum packers, freezing and refrigeration equipment, buffet supplies, dishwashers, stainless furniture, and waiters' accessories that are indispensable in every kitchen. Expecting help in choosing the right catering scale? That's great. At every stage of the order, we are happy to share our knowledge and experience with our customers. All you need to do is write us an email or contact us by phone. We are at your service during office hours and will be happy to answer any questions you may have about both scales and other items available in our store. We also recommend your attention to the sale offer. By opting for products in the promotional offer, you additionally have the chance to introduce real savings into your home or company budget.

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