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Kitchen cleavers

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Fresh meat is the basis of many dishes from different cuisines. Whether meat is roasted, boiled, or fried, it most often needs to be portioned in advance. For this, the best will be the cleavers available in our SmartGAST store of the most popular brands among professional cooks, such as Stalgast, or TOM-GAST. The different models vary in size and aesthetics, so everyone can choose a model that perfectly harmonizes with the rest of the kitchen equipment and the design present in it. Remember that the assortment available in our store is always proven, best products on the market. So you don't have to worry about their longevity or functionality. We encourage you to explore the entire range of our store, including catering knives and boards.

A good chopper, that is, what kind of chopper?

A good quality cleaver is a tool for everyday work in the kitchen, but not only. This is equipment that will also find its use in a neighborhood butcher store. The cleaver, compared to other knives, is distinguished by its shape and size. Not surprisingly, its main task is to portion meat, which is often with bone or gristle. It must therefore be a sharp and precise tool. If you are in a dilemma whether to choose a slightly cheaper model or a chopper at the upper end of your intended budget, we strongly recommend you choose a higher-end product. This will translate into product durability and functionality for years to come. It is great if the cleaver has an ergonomic and hygienic handle, which prevents the accumulation of residues at the joints, which in turn is important for the health of those to whom the dishes are served. Very sharp and durable blades are available in different sizes.

For whom a good quality cleaver?

Durable, perfectly balanced cleavers are most often ordered for catering establishments such as a restaurant, bar, or cafeteria. Equally frequent customers of our reliable cleavers are butcher stores, where meat is portioned every day. The butcher's blocks offered by our store will also work well in such places. A good quality cleaver and a butcher block are two items that can make a good gift for a lover of kitchen experiments. If you want to give a culinary-related gift to a loved one, then be sure to contact us. We will be happy to advise and help you choose the perfect gift. The cleaver is also useful in every household. For domestic needs, a small or medium-sized cleaver will suffice. Before making a final choice, it is worth checking what material the blade and handle are made of. Why it's so important? Some raw materials require special treatment so that, for example, the cleaver does not corrode. You can also use the cleaver for other tasks in the kitchen, such as cutting fruits or vegetables. In the case of these products, the quality of the blade material will be of great importance.

Enter savings and quality equipment with shopping at smartgast.en

SmartGAST online store is a place that was created for the most demanding owners of catering establishments such as restaurants, cafeterias, bars, pastry shops, cafes, or ice cream parlors, as well as cooking enthusiasts. In addition to high-quality cleavers, we also offer a diverse assortment of kitchen accessories, and among them kitchen utensils such as baking pans, kettles and bowls, GN containers, bartending accessories including blenders, bartending mixers, pourers, ice containers, or juicers. These products are brand new, free from defects and covered by the manufacturer's warranty. Would you like to introduce into your home or catering premises? So we encourage you to take a look at the sales and promotional offers. You'll find plenty of opportunities there. By purchasing discounted products, you will bring real savings to your business or home. Feel free to contact our customer service department if you have any questions or concerns. We will be happy to share our knowledge and experience with you.

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