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Refrigerated display cases

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In our store you will find, among other things refrigerated display cases for storing foodstuffs at the optimum temperature. The various models come from the best manufacturers from all over the world and are characterized by excellent workmanship and a favorable price in relation to their quality. All refrigerated counters and display cases are characterized by many years of durability and a long warranty period, as well as economical use, as they are equipped with state-of-the-art temperature reduction systems and insulation with increased thickness. Check out the department's offer refrigeration, where we have prepared for you, among other things glazed store refrigeration counters and display cases. Prices products will not strain your budget, and their high quality guarantees functional use for years. Check out all the models and place your order today!

Refrigerated counter and display case - main features

Store refrigerated counters are equipped with efficient units that ensure a constant, constant and optimal temperature inside them. Modern refrigerants are completely safe to use and retain their properties throughout their service life. In addition, the temperature inside refrigerated display case is not affected by fluctuations in outdoor temperature, which until recently was the primary problem with this type of equipment, especially when the counter or refrigerated display case was positioned near windows or front doors. Interestingly enough, websites i confectionery refrigerated counters are also energy efficient. Highly efficient compressors have low power consumption and can shut down depending on the momentary load. In addition, the thick insulation layer nullifies the effect of outside temperature on interior conditions. This makes refrigerated glass display case for beverages or confectionery at cake does not significantly increase the cost of maintaining the premises.

Electronic thermostats instantly respond to rapid temperature changes, effectively regulating compressor operation. Lady i confectionery refrigerated display cases they also often have a forced cooling function, automatic defrost, and an electronic temperature setting option with liquid crystal display.

Comfort first!

Refrigerated counters and display cases offered in our store are not only sensationally designed from the technical side, but also very comfortable in use. All high devices were equipped, among other things, with cross-mounted shelves, usually wire or coated with a thick layer of PVC plastic, on which you can place many drinks and desserts or other food items. The shelves themselves are also easy to clean. The entire interior, thanks to the use of selected materials such as steel, does not affect in any way the taste or aroma of the dishes placed inside, which is especially important for confectionery products. Refrigerated counter for cake, beverages and other food products is closed with an additional sealed door, which eliminates the risk of cold escaping from inside.

Refrigerated display case - equally important is the appearance

Refrigerated confectionery display case on dough or beverages also comes in different styles. In our store you will find both models for display in front of the customer, and variants that are worth placing in the back of a catering or retail facility. Refrigerated pastry counter has glass fronts, through which you can perfectly see, for example, confectionery products. In contrast, narrow but high glazed refrigerated display cases it is worth using as a place to store beverages and other foodstuffs prone to high temperatures. Refrigerated glass display case is also equipped with LED lighting.

Order today a modern refrigerated display case in our store and take advantage of the lightning-fast processing of your order and our assistance at every stage of cooperation. We have been in the catering market for many years, during which we have gained extensive experience and knowledge of the equipment and products we offer. Therefore, we encourage you to purchase high quality refrigerated counters attractive price. We will be happy to answer any questions by phone or email, and dispel technical and practical concerns.

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