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Simple scales

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A simple scale is a device that is indispensable in any kitchen, both home and professional. It allows you to estimate the exact amount of product, for example, when baking or preparing a meal with the exact amount of macronutrients. Stalgast, Red Fox and CAS Poland are manufacturers of simple scales that need no introduction to anyone. Scales are perfect not only in the kitchen, but also in many other places, for example, in the store. In the offer of our store you will find high quality simple scales that do not require connection to the electrical network. This makes them mobile and easy to use. The different models vary in price, which means that everyone will find the perfect model regardless of their preconceived budget. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact our customer service department.

Simple scales from SmartGAST - why you should opt for them?

The simple scales offered in our SmartGAST store are, above all, precision. Portable scales in a variety of shapes and sizes have essential features to make everyday cooking, baking, or measuring products easier. Most of the models we present are equipped with a single liquid crystal display with backlighting, automatic shutdown, overload protection, and multiple tare function. The scales are mostly battery-powered or additionally have the option to buy and install an AC adapter. Straight scales have different weighing ranges. We offer simple, auxiliary scales up to 3 kg, up to 6 kg, up to 15 kg, and even up to 30 kg. Need help choosing the right catering scales? So get in touch with our qualified team. We will be happy to answer all your questions and clear your doubts. We have a lot of knowledge and many years of experience, which we are happy to share with you.

What scales you will find in our store?

SmartGAST is a store where we make every effort to ensure that the assortment is able to meet the most demanding requirements. For this reason, we rely on brands that are well-established in the market and highly regarded among entrepreneurs. We care about diversity. Thus, in our offer you will find scales of various types. In addition to simple scales, we also offer calculating scales, hanging scales, built-in scales, specialized precision scales, label printing scales, and industrial platform, counting, platform, pallet, hanging, waterproof, precision and stainless steel scales. Such an extensive range will also work well in warehouses, warehouses, production halls and numerous industrial enterprises. Solid, carefully made scales are very often equipped with non-slip feet or a platform made of thick sheet metal.

Straight scales and more from SmartGAST

SmartGAST is a unique online store, thanks to which you can fully equip a home kitchen and a catering establishment of any profile. We leave at your disposal professional refrigeration equipment, kitchen accessories, utensils, catering equipment, durable and impressive tableware, stainless furniture and disinfectants and personal protection products necessary in every catering establishment. Our product range is aimed at entrepreneurs running a variety of catering establishments, as well as individuals. If you run a bakery, pizzeria, bar, ice cream parlor, restaurant, cafe or pastry shop, you're sure to find the necessary assortment for it on the smartgast website.en. We offer our help at every stage of the order, whether you choose a whole set of furniture or need basic equipment like peelers, boards, knives and pots. We also encourage you to take advantage of the promotional, sale offer. There you will find full-priced products at even more attractive prices, so you will be able to make real savings to your company or household budget. Products of which brands you can find in our store? Hendi, Stalgast, Robot Coupe, RM Gastro, YATO Gastro, and RED Fox, among others.

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